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Agro Tech America's products used in horticultural and agricultural industries allow water savings of 50%-75% and up to 75% reduction in fertilizer and disease fighting chemicals. Nutrient/chemical runoff/leaching is virtually eliminated. 

Imagine the benefit to counties with challenging environmental conditions, especially water stress. 

These innovative breakthrough products are patent protected and tested!

AgroDiamonds Gold
combines superabsorbent polymers ("SAPs") with specialized controlled release fertilizers ("CRFs") contained inside the SAP. In addition to fertilizers, AgroDiamonds Gold can be combined with other water soluble disease fighting and growth chemicals/biologicals, etc., expanding AgroDiamond Gold’s benefits and value to the plant growth industry. AgroDiamond Gold’s effectiveness is best described as follows: Upon plant demand, the water and nutrients stored in AgroDiamonds are delivered directly to growing plants through the plant’s root system, dramatically reducing waste, nutrient run-off, pollution and the risk of damage caused by the extremes of drought and water logging. With AgroDiamonds Gold, better quality plants can be grown with substantially less water and as much as 75% less fertilizer. In addition, because AgroDiamonds Gold does dramatically improve the efficiency in the way plants use water and nutrients, crops may be grown at lower unit costs and in a significantly shorter period of time. Utilizing this proprietary technology with certain plants, growers have the potential to grow two or more harvestable crops in the same space and time currently required to produce only one crop.

AgroDiamonds MRT
uses self-contained sustainable modular growing systems, which, with the application of water, the growth matrix compound can include every component (seed-plant, fertilizer, water storing polymer, disease fighting chemicals) required to produce a crop from seed germination to harvest ready.

AgroDiamonds MRT
can be used to establish plant material, including food crops, in countries with challenging environmental conditions, especially water stress. The modules hold ample resources to allow plant establishment and survival in hostile growing environments.

Research, including field trials in Zambia, has shown that modules can actually lie in the desert for months until rainfall or irrigation water is applied, after which the seeds germinate and plants begin to grow and flourish. 

AgroDiamonds MRT’s
revolutionary design allows plants to be grown without any soil or the traditional soil in nursery container/pots method, thus reducing dependence on costly supplies of peat and other potting soil components. Additionally, growing containers/pots are a very expensive component for professional growers. 

Planting methods are so flexible that AgroDiamonds MRT modules can be distributed by a moving vehicle and even by aircraft. 

The dramatic performance of AgroDiamonds products has been demonstrated by industry use as well as scientifically proven by major university research and field trials. AgroDiamonds Gold and AgroDiamonds MRT are now ready for commercial applications and will add significant value to the exisiting line of AgroDiamonds products. 

Based on a working knowledge of the industries by Agro Tech America's founders, and searches conducted by our legal/patent counsel, there appear to be no similar of like products to AgroDiamonds Gold or AgroDiamonds MRT being marketed into either the domestic or international agricultural or horticultural industries. Patent applications have been filed for protection with the United States Patent and Trademark Office. 

The following summarizes some of the major benefits provided by AgroDiamonds products: 

Plant water stress is alleviated and growing media can hold a much higher proportion of fertilizer without damaging the plants. Plant and crop care is more forgiving resulting in reduced labor costs and plant loss savings. 

Plant nutrient (fertilizer) release is controlled and release is mediated through the polymer. Water and nutrients are readily available when growing plants need them. Fertilizer costs are reduced as plants access the nutrients stored in the SAP directly from AgroDiamonds, thus less is lost to leaching and run-off. Fertilizer input savings of up to 75% are possible. Increased fertilizer and chemical use efficiency results in meaningful reductions in customer chemical costs and in toxic (leachate run-off) leaching into the soil and groundwater. 

Water is saved. The plants tap into the reservoirs of water held in AgroDiamonds, reducing precious water requirements and costs.








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